For Pat Madden, whose rich alto voice and spirited presence has enlivened the Michigan folk music scene for twenty-five years, singing has always been about making connections.

As a principal song leader at the annual Mid-Winter Singing Festival, she has come to appreciate just how extraordinary that connection is, not just between an individual and a song, but also between the people who are sharing a song. It is a natural extension of the energy with which she has consistently performed, whether at a folk festival, in a concert hall or at church.

With her strong guitar playing and powerful vocals, Pat continues to lend support to local and national causes, which seek to extend the reach of justice and to lift the human spirit.

A member of the popular trio Second Opinion for thirteen years, she has recently re-connected with long-time friend and musical cohort, Sally Potter, in a search for great songs, lush harmonies and wonderful people to share them with. When she’s not singing, Pat can be found teaching seventh graders in Williamston, MI.

A new c.d. by Madden and Potter, "It's About Time", has just been released. A signed, limited edition is now available at Elderly Instruments, in Lansing, or by mail.

© Pat Madden 2006 | rose photo: ruelaine stokes